Railroad news isn't always on the front page or the big headline.  The articles below address articles on railroading that effect our area.  There are also some interesting articles from other railroads in our country.

Plans are being made to turn the former CNJ Freehold Branch into an extension of the Henry Hudson Trail (Former CNJ Seashore Branch from Keyport to Atlantic Highlands) from July 2000

A Colorado ski resort passes a local ordinance prohibiting the Federally mandated horn blowing at grade crossings within the town from 1998

The Monmouth-Ocean-Middlesex rail route gets backing by NJT officials from October 1999

The wreck of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Broker from January 28, 2001

The wreck of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Broker from February 1, 2001

The wreck of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Broker from February 4, 2001

The wreck of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Broker from February 5, 2001

Update on the future of the former CNJ Barnegat Branch, trail or highway? (Jan. 2001)

A CSX train has a tanker derail in Middlesex County (Sep. 2000)

Increase in ridership on New Jersey Transit (Sep. 1999)

Texas heat wave blamed in 2 derailments in 1998 (I thought this was interesting)

The first run of Amtrak's Acela train for VIP's (Nov. 2000)

New Jersey Transit and Bound Brook continue to cleanup after Hurricane Floyd (Sep. 1999)

New Jersey Transit proposes improvements for Bay Head Yard

Legislation may stop rail upgrades proposed for Bay Head yard (Feb. 2001)

NJT has awarded a contract for the environmental study of the M-O-M route (June 2001)

Debate heats up for proposed "rail trail" along the former CNJ right-of-way in Lacey (August 2001)

Manasquan officials and NJT discuss a new Manasquan train station (July 2001)

Bomarc missile cleanup project to use Conrail tracks and no public highways (January 2002)

Rail spur soon will cart solid to Lakehurst (May 2002)

Pollution study sought on Bay Head rail yard plan (May 2002)

Bay Head borough is taking NJ Transit to court over Bay Head Yard issues (June 2002)

NJT makes strides to ascertain that all riders get seats (May 2002)

Bay Head Railing Against Loop Plan (May 2002)

Public Input Sought For Rail Lines (July 2002)

Road work ahead NJ transportation plan (includes MOM info from September 2002)

A car crashes into the SA35 (September 2002)

Barnegat officials back Rail-Trail (December 2002)

County's rail support remains strong  (December 2002)

Rail line backers: West route best

Railroad crossing in Dover Twp. called hazard (January 2003)

County freeholders join Lacey rail trail talk (February 2003)

Feds want to cut back new mass transit funds (March 2003)

DOT, NJ Transit budget for repairs (March 2003)

Dover proposes home buyers be told about planned rail line (March 2003)

County won't postpone Lacey rail talks (April 2003)

A barge mishap at the River Drawbridge between Perth Amboy and South Amboy stops trains (May 2003)

Lacey rail-trail vote likely to draw crowd (July 2003)

Lacey delays action on selling rail trail (July 2003)

Rail-Trail antagonists may reach compromise in Lacey (July 2003)

A story about the CNJ caboose being used by the Pine Creek Railroad (August 2003)

Lacey dedicates part of rail bed for trail (August 2003)

Most county residents surveyed favor rail line (August 2003)

Lacey sends rail-trail land to county (August 2003)

Bay Head, DOT agree on rail yard (September 2003)

NJ Transit's three-seater trains don't mesh with personal space (November 2003)

Military service may use Bomarc rail line (August 2004)

The SA31 invloved in a grade crossing accident in Lakewood (October 2004)

Lakewood officials, residents seek solution to "terrible" traffic hazard (February 2006)

Lakewood hopes road woes can be solved with Conrail (February 2006)

Advocates say feds out to derail Amtrak (February 2006)

Conrail, DOT and township reach agreement over road (March 2006)

Commuters' outcry spurs rethinking of rail project (April 2006)

Hopes for Lacey trail revived by DEP ruling (April 2006)

Progress on Rail Line being made on paper (MOM) August 2006

NJ Transit studying hybrid trains (August 2006)

Old train car rolls into town museum (August 2006)

Study backs western route for rail line (September 2006)

Backers: MOM line doesn't hinge on Hudson rail tunnel (September 2006)

Choo-chooing toward Christmas (Browns Yard Santa train) December 2006

Hudson River tunnel project clears hurdle (January 2007)

NJT chief details fare hike (February 2007)

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