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October 2008: Let's begin with some updates.  The Southern Secondary has been slow this year as a result of the economy.  The SA31 has been running about once a week, but sometimes with longer intervals.  Motive power for the latter part of the summer was a CSX GP40-2 with NS GP38-2 5286, in Conrail Quality paint, taking over in the fall.  The Southern Secondary, south of MP 60 in Lakewood has been taken out of service as a result of a vehicular accident, without a train involved, just south of the Cross Street grade crossing.  As a result, the SA31 uses the runaround at DiNaso & Sons to shove their consist to Woodhaven with a shoving platform.  The During the summer, the Shared Assets Lehigh Line saw some NS trains with consistent BNSF run through power led by an ex-Conrail SD50 for cab signals.  Canadian National and Illinois Central power was also spotted.  The MOM line is still awaiting the final DEIS release.  Work has begun in Barnegat working north on turning the ex-CNJ Barnegat Branch into a rail-trail.  NJT NJCL trains are primarily powered by GP40PH-2B units along with a few of the remaining GP40FH-2 units in service with some F40PH-2CATs sprinkled in.  New York-Atlantic City service for the Atlantic City Casinos is now scheduled to begin in early 2009.  NJT is using former Amtrak P40 units for this service.

April 2008:  The SA 31 has been using NS GP40-2 3026 during the latter part of the winter.  Work has been completed on the double-track project on the Shared Assets Lehigh Line.

December 2007: The SA 31 has been using NS GP38-2 5278 on their recent runs on the Southern Secondary.  The employees of Browns Yard in cojunction with the Freehold PBA and Jamesburg Fire Department will be running their annual Santa Train this month.  Conrai's double-tracking project on the Shared Assets Lehigh Line between CP-Potter and CP-Bound Brook is nearing the final stages.

October 2007: The past year has been extremely busy for me.  The SA31 has had some NS GP38-2 units, a Conrail-painted GP40-2, number 3026, and a few CSX engines mingled in.  A rather mild winter left few opportunities to photograph the SA31 in the snow.  And when it did snow, for the most part, the SA31 was not working the Southern Secondary.  The CNJ South Toms River freight station was torn down in late July, though it took six weeks to officially read happened to it with articles in both the Asbury Park Press and the Ocean County Observer.  The MOM project is being studied, again.  This time it is studying ridership numbers with a one-seat ride option with the opening of the second Hudson River tunnel.  Work will be starting soon in Barnegat for the Ocean County Rail trail using the ex-CNJ Barnegat Branch.  The SA31 has been keeping Southern Secondary fans on their toes as with the days getting shorter, photograph opportunities have been limited.  Plus, the SA31 has been able to get up to Red Bank on their recent ventures on the Southern Secondary.

October 2006: The SA31 has been using NS GP40-2 3026, still in Conrail paint, along with NS GP38-2s 5314 and 5271 as well as GP38-2 5311, which is still in Conrail paint over the past few months.  NJT's fall schedule has kicked on for the NJCL and service south of Long Branch is on a bi-hourly schedule during the midday period.  Lacey voters will once again have a chance to vote for devoting the entire ex-CNJ Barnegat Branch ROW to Ocean County for use as a Rail-Trail.

June 2006: The SA31 continues to have CSX power on the Southern Secondary.  CSX GP38-2s 2788 & 2735 have been used recently.  On June 15th, as part of Railway Age's 150th Anniversary and the APTA convention in New York City, a special train ran from Hoboken to Bay Head with all private equipment furnished by the Morristown and Erie and Juniata Terminal.  PRR E8As 5809 & 5711 were the engines used for this special train.  (Photos are on my rrpicturearchives.net site)  The train ran down the NJCL in the late afternoon and returned in the early evening.  This train was something to see, and I photographed it Brielle and Manasquan as heavy vehicular traffic prevented me from getting into Bay Head in a timely manner.

May 2006: Conrail Shared Assets has taken the Church Running Track out of service.  The bridge that gos over Broadway and the North Jersey Coast Line in South Amboy is being replaced.  As a result, the SA31 is using a shoving platform to shove out of Browns Yard and uses the Essay Running Track to reach the North Jersey Coast Line.  After backing onto the North Jersey Coast Line, the SA31 then proceeds to Red Bank and the Southern Secondary.  The first run of the SA31 with the Church Running Track being Out of Service was on May 16, 2006 when the SA31 had two engines, CSX GP40-2s 4429 & 4441, both in YN3 paint, and 24 cars, including the shoving platform.  Also, Conrail Shared Assets has been doing a tie replacement program on the Southern Secondary.  Maintenance of Way crews from the Railroad Construction Company were based out of Lakehurst, replacing ties in Lakehurst and working north.  As a result, the power for the SA31 has been tying down in Lakehurst, on the Ocean County siding off of the Toms River Industrial Track, while the freight cars remain on the runaround north of the Route 70 overpass.  Recent power for the SA31 has been CSX GP38-2 and GP40-2 units.

April 2006: The SA31 has been laying over on the old Ocean County siding, off of the Toms River Industrial Track in Lakehurst.  This is a result of a tie replacement program that has started on the Southern Secondary.  CSX power continues to be seen on the Southern Secondary.

March 2006: The SA31 briefly had NS GP38-2 5290, still wearing its Conrail "Operation Life Saver" paint.  The engine made a few appearances on the Southern Secondary in early March.  The train did layover in Lakehurst during the morning on March 7th.  By mid-March, the CSX engines have returned.  Also, work on the "little Manasquan trestle" by NJT is complete.

February 2006: The SA31 has been running with a changing schedule.  Recent motive power for them is CSX GP38-2 2746.  With a warm January and a mild February, NJT is making progress on the trestle replacement project over the southern portion of the Manasquan River.  In Lakewood, a debate over Marys Lane and the 4th Street grade crossing has arisen.  (See articlepage for additional information.)

December 2005: The SA31 briefly had NS GP38-2 5290, still wearing its Conrail "Operation Life Saver" paint.  The SA31 first brought the engine down the Southern Secondary on December 15th.  Heavy rains dominated that night and it appears that the SA22 recrewed the SA31 as the train did not lay over anyway on the Southern Secondary that night.  The next trip with the 5290 was on December 20th, with much better weather.  NJT's work on the wooden trestle over the southern part of the Manasquan River continues with two barges holding heavy equipment docked in the river.

November 2005: The SA31 resembled a mixed freight on September 20, 2005 as two ex-NJT Comet I coaches were brought down to NAES Lakehurst.  The early fall saw the SA31 using NS GP40-2s while the late fall has seen the return of the CSX GP40-2 units.  For NJT, the pedestal track work has been completed in Bay Head Yard and a large building is being constructed behind the yard office.  Also, NJT is currently replacing the small wooden trestle on the southern end of the Manasquan River.  As a result, NJT trains are using the western track between Bay Head and the Manasquan River.  Finally, a new Manasquan station is currently under construction.  The old station was destroyed by fire in 1996.

June 2005: The SA31 has  used NS GP38-2 5282 in late April and May.  In June, CSX GP40-2 4441 was used again.  NS (ex-Conrail) GP15-1 1425 made an appearance on the line as well.  Construction in Bay Head Yard is still ongoing.  The MOM debate is still ongoing as both "pro" and "anti" MOM sides continue to push for their stance.   In May, the Central Jersey rail coalition held a "Rally for Rail" in Lakewood, with positive attendance.

March 2005:  The month of February left with some additional snow, providing some snow photo opportunities.  The CSX GP40-2s have returned to the Southern Secondary.  CSX GP40-2s 4415 & 4441 have been used by the SA31.  While the M-O-M DEIS is still not completed, the Asbury Park Press wrote an article indicating that NJT may not favor the Monmouth Junction MOM route.  Instead, the route that may be selected is the Matawan route.  Time will tell.

January 2005:  The SA31 ran during the early part of the month with NS GP38-2 5280.  The first significant snowfall of the winter fell on January 22nd.  The SA31 did not run on the Southern Secondary until January 31st.  There have been several editorials in the Asbury Park Press expressing the authors' support for the MOM line.  On the NJCL, common motive power is now primarily GP40PH-2B and GP40FH-2 units.

December 2004:  The employees of Browns Yard and the Freehold Boro police ran the 18th annual Browns Yard Santa Train.  Motive power was CSX GP38-2 2721 and CSX GP40-2 4441.  Motive power for the SA31 recently was CSX GP40-2 4441 and NS GP38-2s 5280 & 5282.

October 2004:  The days are getting shorter and early evening photo opportunities are disappearing.  The SA31 has used CSX GP38-2 2721 on a few occasions as well as one run with CSX GP38-2 2788 and NS GP38-2 5280.  The tanker cars at Columbia Propane have been removed and no new cars were placed.  And speaking of tanker cars, the three tanker cars at Bay Head Yard have been removed.  Two of them were moved from Bay Head to Allaire State Park, roughly around October 21st.

September 2004:  The SA31 has been running with either NS GP40-2 3021 or 3055, though one run was made with NS GP40-2 3021 & PRR GP38-2 5286.

July & August 2004:  Another NS "horse head" unit has appeared.  NS GP40-2 3021 has appeared on the SA31 as well as powering a ballast train.  The SA31 has been using either NS 3055 or NS 3021.  The SA31 has placed two tanker cars at Columbia Propane on the Toms River Industrial Track.  Work on Bay Head Yard continues.

June 2004:  More ballast cars have arrived on the Southern  Secondary.  They have been placed on the lead for the Toms River Industrial Track. The SA31 has been using NS GP40-2 3055, in horse head paint, for power as well as CSX GP15-1 1537.  Several runs have been made with both units.  The NJCL is seeing more GP40PH-2B and GP40FH-2 units.

May 2004:  Some ballast cars have arrived on the Southern  Secondary.  Brought down and placed on the lead for the Toms River Industrial Track, some ballast was later put down between MP 61 and MP62 (info courtesy of Railroad.net).  Work on Bay Head Yard continues, with a few tracks currently out of service while the work is being done.

April 2004: The SA31 has been servicing Columbia Propane in Toms River during the latter part of the winter and the early part of spring.  In Bay Head Yard, work cranes have begun on the improvements to the yard, with the work on the inspection tracks first.  On April 18th, the SA31 was running with PRR GP15-1 1428 leading GP40-2 4415.  With daylight savings, late afternoon photos can be taken.

February 2004: The SA31 has placed a tanker car at Columbia Propane in Toms River.  Some railfans have seen trucks at the location.  So while their store portion has closed, they are still utilizing the storage facilities there.  In Bay Head Yard, work cranes have arrived and work may be starting on the improvements to the yard.

January 2004: The SA31 has been pretty consistent with it's Tuesday run.  Motive power lately has been CSX.  With sunset occuring later in the afternoon, photo opportunites exist in Farmingale and for their southbound run through Lakewood.  New Jersey Transit will begin yard improvements to Bay Head Yard soon.  A sign concerning the work has been placed on a fence at the southern end of the parking lot there.  The Browns Yard Santa Train ran on December 17, 2003, it's seventeenth year.  The NJT work gondola and caboose, previously located in Bay Head Yard have been moved to Red Bank.

September 2003: The SA31 has been spotted in Lakewood in the late afternoon, sometimes on a Tuesday and Thursday.  Motive power lately has been CSX units 2735, 2740 & 4451.  New Jersey Transit, New Jersey Dept. of Transportation & citizens of Bay Head have reached an agreement on improvements to Bay Head Yard.  NJT will construct the platforms across the tracks to enable better inspections of the brakes on the trains prior to their departure.  Fueling will be done in Hoboken.  A NJT work gondola and caboose continue to reside in the yard.

August 2003: The lacey rail-trail debate has reached a compromise.  The township has allocated a twelve foot wide section of the debated one mile of right of way for the rail-trail.  CSX GP38-2s 2740 & 2735 have been the predominate motive power on the line and have been spotted late in the late afternoon in Lakewood.  On a personal note, some of my photos are in the September 2003 issue of Railpace.  Check it out when  you can!

July 2003: The first Norfolk Southern painted unit on the Southern Secondary.  NS GP38-2 5314, in the new "horse head" scheme made its appearance toward the middle of the month.  Schedule change for the SA35.  The train has been spotted on Tuesday and on a Sunday.  Other motive power has been CSX GP38-2s 2740 & 2735.  Former CNJ Blue Comet observation car Temple, which had been sitting up at South Plainfield on the Lehigh Line,  has been temporarily relocated to Tuckahoe, New Jersey.  The observation car will go through a 3-year rehabilitation conducted by the Cape May Seashore Line, where it will then be placed in revenue service on the CMSL.  Upon delivery of the car to Tuckahoe, CMSL workers quickly gave the car a new paint (covering CNJ & Blue Comet lettering) to cover the graffiti.  The Lacey Rail Trail debate continues!  The township is still debating the use of the CNJ rail bed for either the Rail Trail or using a section of it for a road.  Recent meetings may have resulted in a compromise of at least one stretch of the rail bed as both a rail trail and a road.  Another town meeting will be held on August 14, 2003.

June 2003: Problems on the NJCL!  A crane on a river barge struck the Raritan draw on an early Tuesday morning during the morning rush.  All NJCL trains were suspended while crews tried to fix the problems with the catenary wire.  Rain, rain, go away!  Almost ten inches of rain this month has made things difficult for the SA35.  Southern Secondary railfans did not get very many photos with the sun in them!  CSX GP38-2 2798 and GP40-2 4412 have been the most common motive power for the SA35 this month.  NJT ALP46s are becoming more common on the NJCL, along with the new Comet V cars.  The Ocean County  Rail Trail may finally proceed very soon.  Lacey Twp. has voted to convey their portion of the ex-CNJ Barnegat Branch to the county.

May 2003: Traffic levels have still been low, and the SA35 has been laying over in Lakewood quite frequently.  PRR GP38 2943 the Spirit of Conrail has been used on the line the first few weeks in May.  Road improvements to Cedar Bridge Avenue in Lakewood have closed the grade crossing there while trackwork is being completed in conjunction with the roadwork.

April 2003: The GP40-2s have continued to appear on the Southern Secondary as well as GP15-1 1546.  Traffic levels have been inconsistent recently, and the SA35 has stayed over in Lakewood a few times.  The rail-trail issue in Lacey is not finalized.  Some officials are still looking to make a road and commerical development on the old CNJ right of way.  Despite previous reports for a rail-trail for the southern part of the ex-CNJ Southern Division Main Line, officials of the Southern Railroad of New Jersey have stated they wish to use part of the line for freight traffic (info courtesy of the Central Jersey Rail Coalition).  That trackage could also play a key in returning direct rail service between northern New Jersey/New York to Atlantic City.  However, those plans will not really materialize until the M-O-M route is up and running first.

March 2003: The GP40-2s have returned.  Runs on the SA35 this month have included CSX (ex-Conrail) units 4423, 4431 and 4441 still wearing their Conrail blue.  Train lengths have varied, some long and some short.  With the warm weather coming and winter fading away (eventually), shipments to Columbia Propane will cease for the season.

February 2003: NJT hosted public hearings for discussion of the Monmouth-Ocean-Middlesex proposal in December, and the hearings were well attended.  The most preferred route at this time would be the Lakehurst-Freehold-Monmouth Junction line.  However, initial drafts for all three routes are still being considered.  New NJT ALP46s have been seen on the North Jersey Coast Line, as well as new Comet V cars.  NJT's Bay Head Yard upgrades will not include any fuleing facilities.  All North Jersey Coast Line trains will be fueled in Hoboken.  PRR GP38 2946, used in the Browns Yard Santa Train, has appeared again on the Southern Secondary along with CSX GP38-2s 2798 & 2736.  PolyOne in Farmingdale has closed its doors.  Deliveries have resumed to Columbia Propane in Toms River.

December 2002: County support for the proposed M-O-M line remains strong.  Public support is also growing as NJT's public hearings on the line were very well attended.  Ocean County has hired an engineer for plans on the proposed rail-trail for the county, which is looking for its first official rail-trail.  Barnegat Twp. has given their backing of the county's plan for a 14 mile rail-trail.  The first snow of the winter season arrived before winter did, and while not making things easy for the SA35 crew, railfans did enjoy the mix of snow and trains.

October 2002: NJT hosting public hearings for discussion of the Monmouth-Ocean-Middlesex proposal.  Dates for Monmouth & Ocean counties are:   Freehold Gardens, Freehold on December 9th from 1:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.; Ramada Inn, Toms River on December 4th from 1:30 to 9:30 p.m.  I encourage all who support the proposal to make an effort to attend one of the events.  PRR GP38 2917 was used for several trips in October.  On November 5th, I spotted the 2917 in Paulsboro Yard.  Amtrak's TSAVe make an appearance on the NJCL in late October.  The unit is a Track Structure Assessment Vehicle, which is on loan from Amtrak to NJT.

September 2002:  New CSX locomotives have been used on the Southern Secondary including GP38-2s 2736, 2798 and GP40-2 4419.  On September 12, 2002, an accident occurred on the Southern Secondary in Eatontown as a minivan struck the side of CSX GP38-2 2735 at the Hope Road grade crossing.  The overhead grade crossing lights were functioning at the time of the accident, which is still under investigation.  A few days later, a Long Branch bound NJT train stuck the rear bumper of a car in Red Bank, which was stopped and did not fully clear the grade crossing.  An interesting array of freight cars visited the Southern Secondary during  the summer, including cars from BC Rail, Boston & Maine and C&NW (see Freight Car gallery-Page 8).  Amtrak's Acela woes cost Amtrak revenue while they were sidelined in August.  A photo of the CNJ double-tracked bridge at Lakehurst show the bridge is still intact.  Use this link.

July 2002:  As a result of severe thunderstorms that hit Ocean County on July 19th, a large sand/mud slide covered the tracks near Woodhaven in Lakewood (link for photo).  The YPSA-91 came out and re-crewed the SA35 in Lakewood.  (Info from CR on Southern Secondary forum.)  NJT has adjusted its plan for improvements to Bay Head Yard.  They will not construct any new fueling facilities at the yard, and will not build the canopy either.  All other improvements will go forward.  The Ocean Gate Historical Society has an Amtrak (ex-PRR) N5 caboose on their property, and is preparing to have it painted into PRR colors.

June 2002:  Work has been completed on the spur from the Southern Secondary and the Lakehurst naval base and the first flatcars have been placed on the spur.  PRR GP38s have returned to the line including 2946 & 2945.  The SA35 run time has been running earlier during the month.  The early bird will definitely catch the worm!  Some of the box cars have been Montana Rail Link, Boston & Maine and C&NW.  NJT is doing track work in Asbury Park and Bradley Beach, using concrete ties and SW1500 503 was pulling the MOW cars.

May 2002:  Work is just about complete on the spur from the Southern Secondary and the naval base.  The majority of the road power used lately has been CSX.  CSX GP38-2s have returned to the line including 2740, 2735 & 2809.  The run time has appeared to change as the train has been running earlier the past several weeks.  The debate over NJT's Bay Head Yard proposal continues.

April 2002:  Work has begun on rehabbing and constructing the spur from the Southern Secondary and the naval base.  Shortly after being placed "Out of Service", all grade crossing markers have been removed on the former Glidden Spur grade crossing at Route 547 in Lakewood.  CSX GP38-2 2735 has been used the past few weeks.  Shipments to 84 Lumber continue.

March 2002:  Thanks to information obtained on the "Conrail on Southern Secondary Part II" forum, I have learned that a 10 m.p.h. speed restriction has been put in place from MP 58 to MP 65.  The original Jersey Central mile markers for MP 49 & MP 58 still stand.  On a warm March 16th morning, CSX GP40-2 4422, wearing Conrail Quality paint, pulled a twenty car train back to Browns Yard.  The grade crossing for the former Glidden Spur on Route 547 in Lakewood, has been deemed "Out of Service" by Conrail.

January 2002: The first three weeks have been exciting ones on the Southern Secondary.  The first Train of the year, Jan 5th, was a CSX GP40-2 with 21 cars.  The SA35 ran out of time, and PRR units 1701 & 1703 (SD45-2s) were sent to bring the train back to browns yard.  Imagine seeing three locomotives and twenty-one cars!  (Unfortunately, I did miss it.)  The following run on January 12th, featured eighteen cars on a northbound run to Browns Yard.  On January 26th, the SA35 had a minor derailment.  CSX GP40-2 4405 derailed while drilling 84 lumber at Collingswood Auction.  no other cars derailed.  PRR GP38 2917 then ran light to Browns Yard.  Despite voters passing Lacey's "railtrail/road" issue in November for a rail trail, Lacey's mayor is still pushing for part of the ex-CNJ right of way to become a road.  His plan is for the road and rail trail to "share the space".

December 2001: For the 15th straight year, employees of Browns Yard will run the Santa Train on the Freehold Secondary.  The train will run on December 15th and be in Freehold from noon until 2 o'clock.

November 2001: Lacey residents narrowly approved to Turn their section of the ex-CNJ Barnegat branch into a rail trail.  Despite warm weather, shipments to Woodhaven have not increased.  CSX GP40-2s continue to show up including numbers 4405 & 4412.

September 2001: Thanks to information obtained from the New Jersey railroad forum, I have been informed that Weyerhauser, located on the Southern Secondary in Howell, has closed.

August 2001: NJT has awarded the contract for the Environmental study for the proposed MOM route.  A minor derailment occurred of the SA35 at Stavola in Eatontown.  Lacey Residents will vote in november as to the fate of the right of way for the former CNJ trackage in their town (rail trail or road)

July 2001: Plans are being finalized for The Usage of the Southern Secondary for Military shipments from Lakehurst to Utah...The plan calls for the material to be moved to Lakehurst where it will be loaded into gondolas.  Look for Track work to begin in Early 2002

June 2001: More CSX units appearing on the Line, including more GP40-2s.   While southern secondary railfans have been tracking the Friday and Saturday runs, the early week run has been elusive....

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October 20, 2008 - "Site" updates have been on my photo galleries at Railroad Picture Archives.  These include photos from Steamtown in August 2007, Jim Thorpe in October 2007, Altoona in November 2007 as well as January 2008 and July 2008.
December 14, 2007 - Additions to the site are on additional station and tower photos being added.  They include the CNJ station in Scranton, DL&W stations in Moscow and Scranton and DL&W towers in Scranton.  The stations are on Page 4 of the stations gallery while the towers were added to the existing towers gallery.
October 20, 2007 - Additions to this site have been minimal.  A Southern Secondary gallery has been added for trains seen in the fall of 2005 and the early winter of 2006.  Most of the photograph updates have been at my site on the Railroad Picture Archives site.  http://OCtrainguy.rrpicturearchives.net/
These include the Shared Assets Lehigh Line, New Hope and Ivyland, Southern New Jersey, Amtrak (NEC) at Bristol, PA and Metuchen, NJ and the Jim Thorpe area.
November 5, 2006-A 37th Southern Secondary gallery has been added covering photos from July, August and September 2005.  Additional photos have been uploaded to my galleries at: http://OCtrainguy.rrpicturearchives.net/
They include photos from the NYS&W Bel-Del rides in August 2005 as well as the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society excursions using two of their Alco engines from August 2005.
July 11, 2006-Additional photos have been added to my 2005 Shared Assets Lehigh Line Part II gallery.  Also, photos have been uploaded from my trip to Enola, PA last July as well as everal photos from the RBB&B circus train during March and April 2006. Finally, photos from the June 15, 2006 APTA Scholarship excursion train have been uploaded as well.  You can see all the photos at: http://OCtrainguy.rrpicturearchives.net/
February 17, 2006-A second gallery has been added for the Southern Secondary from May 2005, when the SA31 had a GP15-1.  Additional photos have been added to my NJ Transit and Northern New Jersey photo albums at http://OCtrainguy.rrpicturearchives.net/
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July 9, 2005-A new Southern Secondary page has been added for photos during December 2004 and January 2005.  Updated galleries included the Browns Yard 2004 Santa Train, Freight Car 10th page and the second page of the Cape May Seashore Line.  Additional Lehigh Line photos for this year can be seen at: Shared Assets Lehigh Line (my photos at Railroad Picture Archives)
February 15th-New galleries have been added for the Lehigh Line during the month of July.  Also, a gallery was added for the Juniata Terminal train to Ohio Central's Steam Fest.  Also, I have additional photos at http://members.trainorders.com/octrainguy/
January 12th-Happy New Year!  New galleries have been added for the Lehigh Line in the months of May and June and the 2004 Browns Yard Santa Train.
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September 19th-due to relatively good weather, site additions have slowed down.  However, a new page has been created for the Black River & Western and a gallery has been added for the Juniata Terminal excursions in May and June 2003.  Two photos from NJT's Cherry Hill station have been added to the fourth South Jersey gallery.
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April 9th-Photo galleries have been added for the southern New Jersey photos taken in November, and an additional NJT gallery.  A photo gallery has been added for  River Line photos also taken in November 2002.  Photos have been added for Juniata Terminal Company E8s on their Royal Blue excursion in Ocotber 2002.  Finally, a gallery has been added for the 2002 Browns Yard Santa train, an 18th Conrail page and  a 5th gallery for 30th Street Station.
March 17th-Photo galleries have been added for the Juniata Terminal Company E8s and their participation in the Altoona Railfest activities.  Additional galleries have been added for 30th Street Station and the NEC.
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February 14th-after not being able to do much work on my website for two months, I am ready to add some new pages to it.  A gallery has been added for Linden & Metuchen Yards.  The Towers & Bridges page now has photos of Shore tower and the NEC bridge over the Delaware River.  Look for more updates soon...
September 15th-more Conrail galleries have been added (13th & 14th); an 8th Freight Car gallery has been added as well.  Two Juniata Terminal galleries have been added for excursions their E8s ran in April and May 2002.  Additional photos have been added for Amtrak's 30th Street Station.  A 4th & 5th Bound Brook gallery has been added.
July 14th-a 12th gallery has been added for the Southern Secondary while a 7th freight car gallery has been added.  More new photo galleries include the RBBB Circus Train, Metropark & Metuchen, and more photos from Horseshoe Curve/Altoona (all photos at Community Webshots)
June 21st-an 11th gallery has been added for the Southern Secondary.  Additional articles have been added.  A Browns Yard gallery has been added (photos at Community Webshots).  An update was made to the CNJ locomotive roster as I have been informed that all eight CNJ SD40 units convened to Conrail are still running.  See the Locomotive Roster page for more information.
May 20th-A few more articles have been added to the article page relating to the naval spur and NJT's proposal for Bay Head Yard upgrades as well as an eleventh Conrail gallery wrapping up 2001.  Also updated is the 3rd South Jersey gallery, with photos of Amtrak's special Harrisburg to Atlantic City train in March.
April 9th-A 10th Conrail gallery has been added and additional freight car galleries.
February 5th-Photo gallery added for Amtrak's 30th Street Station.  Photos include the NEC, High Line, ex-Reading FP7s 902 & 903 and Frankford Jct.
January 30th 2002-photos added for Amtrak's Tropicana Special from Harrisburg to Atlantic City (use this link).  Three photos have been added to the NY&LB history showing photos (courtesy of Bob Vogel) of Bay Head Yard in December 1975 (use this link).  A 9th Conrail gallery has been added as well as a gallery for the Lehigh line from Roselle Park.
December 1st-Gallery added for Winslow Junction as well as a fifth freight gallery.
October 27th-7th Conrail gallery added & a gallery for the New Hope & Ivyland railroad
August 29th-3rd Bound Brook page added (see the Tropicana juice train) and South Plainfield Yard.  More freight car galleries added for the southern secondary.  Plus, an expanded MOW gallery with more photos....
July 5th-6th Gallery added for Southern Secondary
July 1st-More Pages added for Greenwich yard in philly, Now three full pages
June 2nd-Gallery added for Greenwich Yard in Philadelphia: See a B23-7R, GP15T, ex-BN SD40-2 & more!!
May 17th-see the CSX Business Train in Bound Brook and a 7th NJT Gallery
May 11th-See Amtrak on the A.C. Line!! (See South Jersey Gallery)
May 1st-5th Conrail Gallery added
March 9th-South Jersey gallery added
February 24th-4th Conrail Gallery (See an SD60I & Dash-8 on the Southern) and an article page for rail news
January 16th-3rd Conrail Gallery added
January 8th 2001-Additional photos on the Trenton Gallery, plus photos of the trenton stations
December 4th-Finally, I have completed
The section on the PRR line to Seaside
October 15th-NJT history, Bound Brook Gallery and More Main Line Info added
October 3rd-Second Freight Gallery Up
September 11th-Freight Car gallery added
August 19th-Northeast Corridor photos (including Acela test train!)
August 13th-Second Conrail Gallery Added
August 1st-Pictures of the Union Pacific Train In Philly-Use this link
July 21st-NY&LB section is complete!! (see CNJ Steam in Bay Head)
July, 2000-site is now up and running!

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