30th Street Station-Philadelphia
Amtrak's 30th Street station has tremendous rail variety.  One can see AEM-7s and E60Ms, new Acela trains, and P42s.  There is also the coach yard and engine waiting area.  There are Septa and New Jersey Transit trains.  Finally, if you look up, there is freight activity on the High Line.  Indeed, there is a lot of activity going on!
(Photos taken August 18, 2001)
E60MA 608 sits awaiting its next assignment.
P42DC number 12 and other Amtrak equipment await their next assignment.
An Acela locomotive and P42DC 82 sit in the coach area.
With P42DCs 89 & 124 in the background, several trailers start to enter the station area.
A photo of an E60MA, several P42DCs and MOW unit GP9 772
A photo of Amtrak GP9 773.
Acela locomotives 658 & 655 await their next assignment.
A photo of the coach yard including Acela cars and Amtrak boxcars.
With E60MA 608 in the foreground, an AEM7 pulls its train out of the station.
A photo of E60MA 600.
Quietly sitting in the coach yard is a PRR Observation car.  This car, owned by the Juniata Terminal Railroad, was part of the Northern Express excursion.
P42DCs 89 & 124 with the Three Rivers round the curve at Narberth, PA.
A photo of Amtrak's material cars on the Three Rivers.
A photo of the train with Amfleet cars and express cars.

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