Union Pacific Train-page 2

Here are the rest of the photos from the train at Philadelphia
during the Republican Convention.  Fortunately, I was there before
the convention started, so things were not so hectic.

Here is a side shot of Union Pacific E9 949.  Wow, this looks great.  I have never been a huge fan of the E series locomotives, but seeing these two gave me a new appreciation for these locomotives.
E9 sitting proudly for all to see.  I really love the color scheme on some of UP's E and F series locomotives with the green on the "hood".
Another shot, this one a frontal of 951.
Dining car City of Denver
Dining car City of Los Angeles
Another view of City of Los Angeles
Domed dining car City of Portland
Domed dining car Missouri River Eagle
HEP Power Car 207
Kitchen Car Pacific Limited
Crew car Cabarton
My wife and son standing in front of Baggage Recreation Car Pony Express
Crew Sleeper North Platte
Another shot of North Platte, an obersvation car at one time in its career
Deluxe Sleeper Omaha
Dining Car Overland
On a personal note, I loved the two-tone grey color scheme of UP's Overland Cars.
Full shot of Pony Express
My wife and son getting a closer look of E9 949.  Just to the left of the ladder (at the bottom) is an EMD label, stating the year the locomotive was made, which was 1955.

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