How to avoid losing all your data when doing backups?

#1. Store your data in different locations.


If you only have one hard disk, it is good to ensure that you store data in partitions. One of the partition should have the windows and the other to have the data. Don’t gamble with your data, make sure you have several copies on the same hard disk because this way, some it would remain if you happen to make a backup. Use the hard disk to clean up the files always to ensure that your computer is safe throughout.

#2. Ensure no malware.


Corrupt files, fake programs and software should be avoided to ensure that you get a clean computer. It is the virus that makes computers to lose all the data but for a clean computer, even if the system fails, you still have the chance of recovering your data back to the system. Always clean you data and make it free from the viruses and fake files that could compromise the safety of your data.

#3. External storage


You can store your data in other materials like the CDs and external hard drive plus flash disks. This plays a role in ensuring that you have complete data even after your computer crushes down.

iOS vs. Windows – Which one is right for you?

Windows have been upgraded every now and then for them to look better for users. The truth is, many us are just wonderful beasts, we look at the external appealing appearance of the devices we want to buy instead of the operating system it has.

Well, ios is known to have the finer and perfect graphics compared to windows. As windows covers the screen and categorizes apps, it makes it damn difficult for users who are new to windows to operate such a system. IOS on the other hand can display all the features at once with a short cut at the bottom which makes it perfectly amazing and easy. Windows have the ability compromise internet connectivity, especially wireless connections. For IOS, it is strong throughout making sure that the internet connection is excellent throughout which pleases the user.

IOS has plenty of apps where you can get music, photos, videos or any other form of entertainment that you want. That is why it is good for many people because it is like a store where people get everything without Googling. Windows has a few apps and the users rely on internet to get more entertainment.

3 Computer and Data recovery books to read in 2016

#1. Kali – Computer Forensics Data Recovery 101 – Training


This is a book that was written to emphasize on how to perfectly operate your computer without threatening the safety of your data. It offers training on how to handle data in your computer and how to perfectly arrange it to avoid it from getting lost. The manual has the best guides to take caution of any sign that could be showing the potentiality of losing your data. Written by computer guru Jeremy, this is the best book to read.

#2. Data recovery bible.

Data recovery bible

If you want justification to any breakdown of your computer, this is the best book to read. You get all the perfect explanations on how to prevent computer crashes and virus removal because the writer is a specialist on this. Octrain read the book and it was of the things that made him to be where he is today. This book has information on how to make software that would save your data from getting lost which is something that many books do not have. Every part of the book was tested practically before it was put into existence.

#3. Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Forensic of your computer, learn its fine parts and ensure that you get the best from the best and you will become the guru that you have never ever imagined of. It has all the explanations of how to prevent the data loss, how to ensure that you get your data fully and how to create excellent software for the recovery of your data. This is the best thing about this book because it covers everything that you need to know about phones, tablets computers and operating systems whether windows or iOS.